~Written By Bill Stone~

This month A&E Home video is releasing 3 paranormal related television programs on DVD. Last week I had received an email from A&E Home Video telling me about this. They want to promote it, and asked me to help out by reviewing them for the site, and giving away a few DVDs.

The releases include:

Primal Fear: From what I’ve been told, this is a History Channel documentary about the history, psychology, and science of our fears. What causes it? Chemicals in the brain.. All that stuff.
I haven’t seen the show YET, but it SOUNDS pretty interesting.

Monster Quest Season 2:
This is another History Channel show about cryptozoology, and legendary monsters like Bigfoot, or the Loch Ness Monster. Haven’t watched Season 2 yet, but I really enjoyed the first season. It was a nice change of pace from Ghost Hunters on Wednesday nights.

Paranormal State Season 2: This is an A&E show. It’s about some ghost hunters doin’ some stuff. I can’t give you much of a description because I only watched the first 4 or 5 episodes to try to give it a chance, and flat out hated it. I can tell you that I thought it was melodramatic, and that it showcased what I would personally consider some of the biggest problems that the scientific paranormal community faces today. Someday, I’ll watch it again, and give it a more thorough review for the site.

Not today.

Instead, IntoTheBeyond.Net is giving away Primal Fear, and the Second Season of Monster Quest On DVD!

Here’s how It’s gonna work… After I get done watching these DVDs, (Probably within the next week or so for the first one, and another week for the second) I’m going to write an article right here on our Articles & Editorials section of the site about each show. At the end of each article, there will be a question.

Answer the question by commenting on the article. The best answer wins the DVD that goes with that particular article.

Easy enough?

I hope you’re interested in getting involved in these contests.  This is the first time we’ve tried to do something like this. I mean… Free shit… Right? Also, if ya feel like it, do me a favor, if you plan on trying to win the DVD’s,  leave a comment here so I can guage the interest. If things work out, maybe we’ll do something like this again.

Bill :)