~Written By Pattyhap1863~

What is happening in the paranormal world? We are surrounded by ‘sensitives’ and ‘psychics’ who reassure us that our loved ones passed on and they are in heaven, smiling upon and watching over us. While I think this is comforting and believe it to a certain degree, I do have a lot of difficulty accepting this as entirely true, especially if the person who is telling me this is being paid a large sum of money.

All around us we see a great many names of ‘famous’ psychics charging astronomical sums of money. Some of them hold ‘conference séances’ for a great many people in an auditorium or large room. In fact, many people form long lines, in order to get to these conferences. Of course, there are times when the tickets are sold out. So what do you do then? Well go online, of course! You can find information about the said psychic, as they will normally have a website which will inform you of the steps you take to get your own personal reading. One of these steps will invariably be how to pay for their services.

Now, I’m not against payment for services. Of course, one has to make a living. What really annoys me, however, is that these people charge vast amounts of money to play the role of psychologists in many cases, without having gone to medical school. So, you argue, what’s wrong with that if it comforts a person? I would answer nothing, if it was a one-time deal. However, these psychics hone in on people who are truly lonely and desperate, and manipulate their readings in a way that keeps the ball rolling, and the client (or should I say victim?) is left needing more and more, and will continue returning and paying for the service.

So why are we listening to them? The human being is a wonderful creature, with a great capacity for optimism. It is all too common that the client will latch onto the two or three things that are mentioned to him which are true, or come true, but forget all the mistakes and misinformation. The only thing the psychic has to do is guess correctly ONCE, and he will be one step on the right track, slowly gaining the client’s trust in him. Once we put our trust and belief in someone, all too often we open up and start supplying the psychic with information about ourselves, making their job so much easier. With this feedback we give a lot about our character away, and by observing this, along with our body language, it is easy for the psychic to piece together even the smallest of details, and can then offer us a ‘credible’ reading. We may laugh at TV shows like “Psych”, but the fact is that there are many psychics out there that do pretty much the same things that Shawn Spencer, the lead character in the show does, and they can make a great living out of it!

The Crystal Ball by John William Waterhouse

What about speaking with the dead? There are some psychics who claim to be able to do this. This may be true or not, but I do believe that some of them are sincere and believe they do this wholeheartedly. There are many others that are not entirely honest, and use this ‘power’ to get into a grieving person’s moneybag. This is despicable and should be avoided at all costs. What is worse is that the dead person, who is presumably communicating with the living, is long gone and cannot be asked directly if he means this or said this. There is no way to get confirmation at all. These psychics prey on people with money, but sometimes will also prey on people who don’t have a whole lot of money as well. Many of them are con-artists who set up phony séances and do their homework, researching their clients and even going through their garbage cans in order to get information.

So how can we tell if the psychic is fake or not? First of all, be wary of those who ask a lot of questions…and NEED answers. A true psychic will often blurt out things and not ask anything at all if possible. Secondly if the psychic makes a general statement that can be true, like “You have a good life, but lately you have had a great many problems”, or “You enjoy going out, but sometimes feel lonely”, you can bet your bottom dollar that this one is not entirely the real deal! Be careful if they tell you that the séance may have to be repeated once or more times.

There are also psychics or sensitives in paranormal teams as well. A few of them are an asset to their teams and are truly gifted. But as with all the others, there are many of them who can fake information and completely ruin an otherwise good paranormal investigation. Some of them suffer from over-bloated egos and insist that all the paranormal activity is around them all the time. Others will put on a show and give out details of violence, murder and bloody gore. And many others may tell you it will take some time to ‘remove’ the spirits from your home, thus ensuring two, three or more visits. You can be sure that these will be asking for a fee for the ‘cleansing’ too!

So what about the true psychics? Do they exist at all? Of course they do. But they are not easy to find and are overshadowed by the famous, flashy ones. A true psychic will seldom ask you for money, and if he does, it will be a very small fee. A true psychic will not plague you with questions or endless visits. A true psychic will not perform on demand, but spontaneously. Most of all, a true psychic will be compassionate and caring, and will often try to help you without asking for anything in return. Does all this sound familiar? If it does, then you are in touch with someone that has a special gift. For it is a gift that is not meant to be stepped on or muddied. It is a gift that is meant to help, and bring peace and comfort to others.

In this era that we are living, where computers and communications take precedence over the spiritual, we discover that communications lack understanding, and computers lack sympathy. It suddenly all becomes a race for money and power. In the midst of all this, human beings are on a constant quest: The quest to find answers to mysteries that have not yet been solved through science and technology. This is one of the reasons why psychics are believed in. We trust our senses and forget another sense, the sixth sense. If you ‘feel’ something is not right about someone, then listen to your inner voice and walk away. Above all, before consulting a psychic, read up on him or her, watch video clips on them, and get all the information you can before embarking on a reading or séance. Do all you can to make sure you don’t fall into ‘the wrong hands’ and you may just find the right one for you.

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