~Written By Danielle Lee~    

With so many questions pertaining to the paranormal, it’s hard to grasp what the truth really is. The mystery of the glowing orbs in photos, the ominous electronic voice phenomena, why ghosts are seen wearing clothes and the ultimate question of why on earth do these deceased earthly patrons cling to the mortal realm. It’s easy to understand why so many living individuals are frightened, and sometimes petrified, by these anonymous unknowns.

For the majority of the population, the question of whether or not these mysterious anomalies actually exist is still up for debate. But for most ghost hunters, we’re pretty convinced they exist. Too many unexplained experiences occur for us to simply cast them aside as imagination or coincidence. Far too many eerie and bizarre events have happened that we inevitably cannot logically explain with rational and scientific probabilities.

Passionately, we ghost hunters march forward into dark and unknown territory. With flashlights blazing and sweaty palms clutching our recorders, we stumble through poorly lit domains. Hearts pounding, eyes scanning the environment diligently and ears set to sensitive. All senses are heightened and ready to catch that all important and desired moment of glory. We brave cold weather, long nights, cramped closets and damp basements, all in the name of paranormal science.

Then, in the darkness, a light of hope emerges. There is movement, there is an ominous figure standing just a few feet away. We cling to our camera, we call to our crew, we reach for the recorder to catch any unearthly whispers of EVP (electronic voice phenomena). It’s just hovering there, waiting.

Question is…now what? The moment you’ve been waiting for all your paranormal investigating life and you don’t have a clue what to do or say.

This is where science and the paranormal may clash a little. True, you could ask questions and hope that the electronic voice phenomena with capture the secrets of the dead. You could attempt to speak to the apparition verbally and hope that the lines of communication have good reception that day and they will be able to be heard audibly. But the most effective way to communicate is through telepathy.

I know, that sounds like unscientific mumbo jumbo, but we are not dealing with an exact science here are we? This is where your intuition, your dusty, rarely used sixth sense is going to have to kick into gear.

There are a few ways that ghosts communicate at a telepathic level. They can verbalize words through thoughts. Just like a radio wave, they send out the thought and the intuitive part of your brain can ‘hear’ it. It is a very primitive form of telepathy, but yes, you have it. We all do, most of us just never use it. The challenge with this form of communication is that it is difficult to determine what is imagination, your own thoughts or the actual spirit’s words. Quite honestly, the spirits voice and thoughts are vastly different from your own, so it’s not as difficult to distinguish once you recognize the difference.

Another way that they may communicate is by sending waves of pictures into your consciousness. Flashes of places, people and events may involuntarily dance into your thoughts. Don’t ignore these, trust your rusty sixth sense. These images may hold clues as to what the spirit wants from you or to tell you. They are on this realm for a reason, usually to right a wrong that occurred in life, they are trying to help you to understand what they need to say.

Thirdly, communication can occur with intense sensations. They can impress physical sensation onto you possibly explaining what caused their death. This can be unpleasant, but not intolerable. You may just feel a tingling or light pain where the ghost incurred injury in life.

So this is how they may communicate with you, how do you communicate in return?

Oddly enough, speaking out loud can be effective, but even more effective is writing out what you are speaking. When writing, a subconscious area of the brain is activated and can enable the spirit to better interpret what you are attempting to articulate. Ouija boards work in the same way, while concentrating on the board, you are essentially keeping the conscious part of your brain occupied therefore allowing your subconscious to explore more efficiently.

Considering that spirits can utilize EVP recordings to their advantage, one might hypothesize that the reverse would also be effective. If one could adjust the frequency to the opposite end of the spectrum of what the ghost uses to imprint their voice, we may be able to have a two way radio effect with the other side.

Controlling one’s fears and apprehensions are crucial when attempting communication. Spirits are essentially concentrated psychic emotion. Every minor or major emotion that courses through you, they are acutely aware of. Their realm differs than ours in that respect because without a dense and all-encumbering human body, they are pure thought energy. They have no concern with hot, cold, tired or sick. They simply exist in an element of pure intuition.

Considering all of these aspects, there is still one last task to complete once you have your correspondence cleared up. The puzzle of what they desire. They would not attempt communication if they truly didn’t desire a resolution of some sort and being the good paranormal citizen that you are, you of course wish to help.

Don’t be afraid to return to a location several times if you feel that help is needed and it may take several tries to develop an understanding of what the entity needs. There is a place of better rest and joy for them once they feel they have succeeded in tending to their earthly concerns.

Copyright Danielle Lee 2008 All Rights Reserved