~Written By Danielle Quinlan Lee~    

A ghost, spirit or specter is a compilation of many different elements.

First and foremost, it is the essence and energy of a previously living human being lacking all of it’s physical senses, sight, sound, touch, etc.

Second, it is a mass of feelings and pure thought that must use alternate forms of communication.¬† They can easily sense a human’s feelings, whether it be fear, malevolence or kindness.

¬†Thirdly, a ghost is a elemental being sustained by an energetically charged environment. Many elements are required to establish the formation of this elusive entity. Energy, first and foremost is essential for it’s existence and manifestation.

Upon entering an environment where a suspected spirit resides, it is essential to allow the spirit the opportunity to manifest. If the researchers and ghost hunters charge in with lights out and cameras blazing, the spirit may be intimidated by the aggressive nature and become reclusive. There needs to be a common courtesy from both parties for a successful investigation to be fruitful. Poking and provoking the spirit, while occasionally effective, may result in unwanted physical attacks or no results at all.

Let’s review what our basic understanding of ghosts from a scientific standpoint for a moment. All theories and assumed facts based on our experiences, technology and experiments.

First, ghosts vibrate at a higher frequency in their realm than our own due to their lack of physical substance. Our realm having a heavier density and a substantially lower frequency of vibration, causes us to lack the ability to communicate properly with these entities. This assumed fact has been established by the use of electromagnetic field detectors, electronic voice phenomena and various other technology based methods.

Second, ghosts need a substantial amount of energy to manifest in our realm. It is alleged that when an entity is trying to manifest, many amazing environmental changes begin to take place. The area of manifestation becomes increasingly cooler, much colder than it’s surroundings and previous readings of the area. The air becomes more dense and significantly charged with electromagnetic energy, hence the common observation of eye witnesses stating that the hairs on the back of their neck stood up. Batteries and sources of energy are occasionally drained or manipulated. Lights flickering or electronic equipment turning on and off may be an example of energy manipulation upon a spirit’s attempt to complete formation. This, in theory, is the entity attempting to draw as much energy out the area as possible to visibly manifest. A ghost’s energetic temperature signature has been recorded with the help of a thermal camera.

There are many forms that an entity can assume, based on the amount of energy it can consume at that present moment. There is the ominous floating orb of light, the lightweight mist, the dark and sinister looking shadow, various invisible and physically assertive forms and ultimately the fully formed torso apparition. Their abilities to manifest seem to be dependent on the use and availability of some forms of energy. In a home, they utilize lights, batteries and other man-made technologies to enhance their abilities. Outside, where it seems there would be little source of extracting energy, there are ley lines, air charged by naturally occurring friction and electricity as well as various sources of certain rock and minerals.

So, based on this basic information that we living folks have gathered over the years pertaining to the existence of the other side, we can finally put it to good use. My first proposal is that when performing a ghost hunting expedition is to provide an energy source for the entities to utilize. As ghost hunters, much of our technological equipment relies on the premise of being in complete darkness. That is all well and good, but it can deprive the entity of any form of energy to use for manifestation.

In one television episode, our beloved TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society) ghost hunters were working on a case concerning a light house. The entities were heard and seen from the very peak of the lighthouse, but throughout the episode and the general stories from eye witnesses, the spirits rarely ventured far from that area. This episode contained some amazing and clear footage of the entities peering over the railing and coming down the lighthouse stairs. It would seem that this was their chosen home due to, in my opinion, the immense power that the giant light emits or the powerful motor turning the light. I found it interesting how in the event of complete darkness, the entities maintained their visible forms for lengthy periods of time, possibly due using the strongest potential and residual energy light source within the area.  Like a moth to a flame, they seemed to cling to the beacon of light.

One must remember how much work and effort it takes for them to transform themselves to our level. They are barely aware of our presence in general, as well as the fact that they cannot perform efficiently in our realm’s particular density. Where they exist, it is confusing and foggy at best. For us living people, we could not function in an environment with very little oxygen, we would be disorientated and would have extreme difficulty performing even the most simple of actions. This is how it is for those trying to lower their vibrations from a higher vibration realm, except energy is their oxygen.

A couple of theories that substantiates the need for more energy in the air is that of the noticeable paranormal activity increases during electrical storms and barometric pressure changes. With lightening charging all the particles in the air, the air itself becomes a conduit of pure energy for the spirits to utilize.

There are many examples of communication barriers in our own existence. An example is that of a hearing person and a deaf person. We acknowledge the fact that some people are incapable of understanding what we are trying to say with our voice. We then adapt ourselves to their needs. By using sign language we’ve established a bridge for crossing the communication gap. In this compassionate and dignified manner, we are respecting the hearing impaired. A ghost isn’t any different in that respect. We simply need to adapt ourselves and our perceptions to find a way to communicate.
Psychics in general, if they are truly such and honest, emit a particularly high vibration when attempting to communicate with a ghost. A psychic can actually raises the particle acceleration of their own vibration within their aura and general surroundings allowing a spirit the opportunity to potentially communicate. Everyone though can alter their aura or energy field to communicate with the other side, it simply requires practice and trust in your own abilities. The adapted energy field that a psychic emits is like a virtual beacon to the paranormal. That is why people who are considered sensitives or empathic are more able to potentially attract and communicate with the desired entities.

But seeing that nowadays we desperately want undeniable and factual proof that the ghosts exist, we must utilize human technology as much as possible. The perfect end result being an actual videotaped interview with a spirit exchanging information.

We are called ghost ‘hunters’ right? Let’s break down the implication of a hunter. A hunter travels to the potential prey’s location, their natural environment. The hunter sets up various traps, baits and strategies as to best capture his opponent, correct? There are certain rules and common senses that the hunter uses to entice his prey, based on observation and research. Should we apply the term ‘hunter’ to ourselves as paranormal investigators, we see that we are attempting to ‘capture’ a certain unpredictable prey. The problem is, we are not complying with the prey’s rules.

If it’s energy the prey desires, we must comply to the rules. Yes?

If ghosts are drawing energy to themselves to create electromagnetic fields, it must be necessary for them to do this in order to manifest and communicate. We must recreate an energy source from which they can draw so that they can charge their existing density in order to allow more efficient permeability of free space.  Essentially luring them in as they are enticed by the energy.

If you become a ghost ‘observer’ as well as a hunter, you’re more likely to understand the nature of the prey. When zoos keep animals in captivity, they observe and then recreate the natural environment of the animal to the best of their abilities, to better understand, appreciate and welcome the animal to it’s new habitat.

Shouldn’t we then abide by the natural and unnatural environmental requests of the paranormal? We have been attempting to infiltrate this unnatural environment with our own natural understanding of our own laws of physics. We must adapt our thinking to accommodate the experimental environment and habitat of our chosen test subject.

How can we possibly understand a paranormal idea if we do not entertain the idea of altering our own perceptions of normal?

So, in combining the theories that ghosts need energy to manifest and communicate on our realm, we should then attempt to find a source of energy that can be safely placed within the desired area of effect. I think we may have to play with many forms of energy to find a satisfactory suitor, but with patience and trial and error, we will find it.

Recreating high emissions of electromagnetic energy in itself is very dangerous. Studies show that high levels can cause a human very unpleasant symptoms. Nausea, paranoia and dizziness are among the common symptoms, not to mention hallucinations. Many hauntings have been debunked due to high levels of electromagnetic energy found in a home. Poor wiring and older technology are just a few items that can produce these emissions.

There are many safe forms of creating usable energy. I would suggest trying static electricity. Remember back in science class when the teacher brought out the static ball machine. It’s called a Van DeGraff Generator. It can safely produce between 200,000 and 250,000 volts, creating enough charge to make the average person’s hair stand completely on end. It can literally create a miniature lightning effect within a controlled circumference, therefore charging the atmosphere, possibly enough to help enable a spirit to manifest.

One woman that contacted me about a potential haunting in her home said she often heard the sound of static electricity popping before a strange and unexplained paranormal event would occur in her home.  Similar to the sound preceding and following an EVP recording.

These are just examples in how to expand your perception, and help you understand that there are ideas out there yet to be discovered. Don’t limit yourselves and your experiments to only what you have learned from others, explore and trust your instincts. You may just be the one to discover the true secrets hiding behind the paranormal veil.

With all ghost hunting expeditions, safety is number one. Getting the evidence you want is a definite plus, but we must remember to treat both the homeowner and unseen house guest with both respect and dignity.

Danielle Lee Copyright 2008 All Rights Reserved