You clicked on this page ’cause you want to know about this website, and what it’s all about.

About The Webmaster…
I’m Bill Stone. I can tell you the same shit you read everywhere else on any paranormal teams ‘member profile page’. I’ve been interested in the paranormal since I was a small child, and experienced some bullshit that nobody even cares about.

I know you don’t give a shit about who I am, or why I do what I do. If you REALLY do care about that sort of thing, that’s frickin’ great! I’d LOVE to talk to you. I really would. Hit me up on a personal level. Here’s a link to my contact information. I’m very friendly, and I’m glad to tell you anything you want to know. Who knows? We might even end up becoming friends. (It’s happened before… A few times actually.)

Odds are though, that’s not why you visited this web page.

What is The Beyond?
The Beyond is an art project that I started in 2004, and is now a near obsession. Investigation and trying to understand ‘spooky stuff’ has always been a part of who I am, and I had never had an outlet for my thoughts, or ideas about it. In 2004 I learned that it was possible to make a website. So, I learned to make a website, learned photoshop, and here it is. Deal with it.

In simplest terms, it’s a visual, and literary art project.

I am not a writer, and I know that the writing on the site is amateur at best. It’s not about using technical, or confusing words, but more about expressing my thoughts on a specific subject. That’s all it is. I wanted to connect with other paranormal geeks. I wanted you guys to say, “Hey… SOMEBODY understands! Bill, and I agree on this.”

What does The Beyond Stand for?
This website reflects many of my principles, and ideas when dealing with the paranormal, and the paranormal research field of study. They are not paramount. They are not black and white. I am ALWAYS willing to rethink things if given a solid reason, but for the most part, I stand by them. There are probably more that I’m not covering, but hopefully reading them over will give you an idea of where The Beyond stands, even on things not listed.

Warning: Some of these may offend some people. Good!

1. Paranormal Sensationalism
People believe what they see on TV. There is no disclaimer that states that the television shows are “for entertainment purposes only” and they’re giving people the wrong idea about what paranormal investigators, and ghost hunters do. I’m waiting for the one that keeps it real. Then my mind will change.

2. Fame, & Fortune Seekers
If I hear one more investigation group claiming that they have a TV deal around the corner, or that it’s one of their goals, I’m gonna kill someone. Why isn’t doing the work enough for these greedy people? Don’t get me started on making money off of the people in the field.

3. Paranormal Ass Kissing
Famous investigators, and paranormal guru’s are everywhere. Many investigators, and hunters look up to these people for a reason that COMPLETELY eludes me. Is it because they’re famous? I’d say yes. That’s the ONLY reason. People are attracted to fame, and social status. That has no bearing on work done in the paranormal field. These people have found a way to get famous. God bless ’em.

What have they brought to the paranormal table? Some of them may have had good ideas and theories. This isn’t a black and white issue, but really, I’d argue that we’re still right where we started. No proof of anything. We have a lot of interesting theories, and stuff, but its all smoke and mirrors. What do we REALLY have?

I’m not saying that I disrespect the more known, and prominent members of the field, but I stand by the idea that they deserve no more praise than the unknown investigator in the trenches working the field instead of posing for the camera. THAT’S the investigator I give props to. The Beyond will NEVER perpetuate, or engage in famous people ass-kissery… Except for Mr.T! ‘Cause he’s Mr.T. I pity tha foo who don’t kiss Mr.T’s ass!

4. Paranormal Investigators & Ghost Hunters are NOT the same.
In short, ghost hunters have fun and go out to specifically “hunt for ghosts”. Paranormal investigators search for quantifiable facts in order to determine if it is possible to explain a particular situation, event, or occurrence. There is absolutely ZERO NEED for mediums, sensitives, dowsing rods, Ouija boards, or even holy water if you are not specifically hunting for ghosts. (I’ve written a more detailed, and explained version of this. If you’re interested, CLICK HERE.)

5. Ouija Boards
While we’re on the subject of ghost hunting tools, I want to bring up Ouija boards. There is no doubt in my mind that Ouija Boards are a real, and unexplainable phenomenon. I have no doubt at all. I’ve seen goofy shit with my own eyes. Believe me or not, it doesn’t matter for my point here.

My point is simply this. We have no idea what is on the other side of this life. Anyone who claims otherwise is delusional, or flat out lying. Being afraid of the use of a Ouija Board is an irrational fear, particularly in the paranormal field. We go out into the field to record EVP, and communicate with the unknown every day. Yet, very few in the field is afraid of EVP. How can you say that one form of communication is any more, or less dangerous than another? EVERYTHING we do in the field is subject to the x factor, or the unknown.

Why should the Ouija Board be any different? Because people have found it to be MORE successful when it comes to conjuring paranormal events? This IS why people are afraid of it after all. People have seen too many spooky things with it. We fear the unknown. Again… IT’S OUR JOB to study the unknown. By hiding away from this thing, we’re not doing our job.

When I go to websites and see images, and statements that claim that the web masters do not agree with the use of boards, and feel that they’re dangerous. I feel sad, and I have to ask, why are you even in this field? Granted, if someone REALLY has had a bad experience with the board, I have no issue with them swaying people away from them, however to claim that a Ouija board is bad, evil, or dangerous, and then go out to record EVP is hypocritical at best. It makes no sense. To those of you who disagree. I’m OK with that. SHOW me how I’m wrong. Give me real solid stuff to consider. I’ll rethink my ideas on the subject.

For the record, I would NEVER EVER use one on a paranormal investigation. That’s not what this particular tool is used for, but if you’re hunting for ghosts, I can think of no better tool. If you’re open minded, you’ll find them. (More on Ouija Boards HERE.)

6. Open Minds
Since I ended the Ouija thing with a statement about open minds, I should bring up that having an Open Mind is something that The Beyond stands for.

Do you know what an open mind is? Most people in the paranormal field don’t. They think that believing in mediums, ghosts, and all that shit makes them open minded. Blindly believing in anything makes you very CLOSED minded. Your mind is made up. When it comes to the unknown, I have a complete, “SHOW ME” policy. I want to learn everything, and I know NOTHING. I don’t allow my personal or spiritual beliefs sway me. Because of this, my mind is open, and waiting to be filled with good, logical, and well thought out stuff. At the same time, I’m avoiding crap that people spew at me, and expect me to blindly take in simply because they say so.

7. Religion
I consider myself to be Christian. You won’t read about that anywhere else on this website. I do not allow my Christian beliefs to sway my findings in the the paranormal field. At the same time, I have ZERO interest in preaching to my readers about why my spiritual beliefs are the correct answers to why we experience spooky stuff.

I feel that it is COMPLETELY unacceptable for me to force my spiritual, and religious beliefs on my readers.

The people in the paranormal field are always forcing their religions, and spiritual beliefs on everyone else, and it’s not only tolerated, but accepted by many sheep as gospel, even if they’re of a different faith altogether.

Belief in mediums, sensitives, paganism, and witchcraft are all spiritual beliefs, and religions, and they are ALWAYS being forced on everyone in the paranormal field. I do not allow that kind of shit on The Beyond. Believe what you want. Let your spirit guides show you the way. Praise Allah, and blessed be YOU! Jesus loves ya! None of it, however has any place here. It’s irrelevant to the facts discovered in the field.

8. Paranormal Experts
How can you be an expert in a field which has no established facts? People who claim to be an expert in ANYTHING paranormal is either a flat out liar, delusional, or they are trying to stroke their own ego. Don’t trust them.

9. Certified Paranormal Investigators
If someone, or a website offers a paranormal certification course, they are a fraud. There are no credited courses in the paranormal. ANYONE claiming to be able to teach paranormal knowledge of any kind is lying to you. NOBODY is qualified to teach anything. Learn on your own.

Furthermore, if you visit a website which has members who claim to be certified, they have more than a couple issues, and none of them could be considered reliable, or trustworthy. If they are proud of their certifications, and talk about them on the site, they could just be gullible, stupid, and proud. That’s not necessarily unethical, but still, do you want them investigating your home? They could be showing off their certifications due to ego KNOWING that they got it out of a cracker jack box. This means that they’re gullible, and stupid for paying for them, but also unethical for trying to use them to lie to the rest of the world to claim that they’re better than other investigators. Again, not someone I want in my home.

Bottom line, avoid all certifications, those that award them, and those that have been certified.

10. FUN!!
Dammit, why does every paranormal website, and TV show, and investigator, and alien probe have to be so serious about what we’re doing?! I mean, it’s good to be serious about the work, but I stand against ANYONE who turns this into a somber, boring, and all work affair. This is supposed to be fun, and this website reflects that. There are jokes, and personality all throughout its pages. I will always keep things light, and silly whenever possible.

There… That’s 10 thingies. I see no need to go beyond them at the moment. By reading those over, you should have a pretty good idea of where I stand on things, and how this site operates.

Lastly, if I were to add anything, to explain what The Beyond is, I would add the idea that nothing is cut and dry. There are always other possibilities. The search for the answers is the most important thing. The answers themselves are secondary. I believe that only a moron deals in absolutes in this field.

Once you’ve come to an absolute conclusion, your journey is over. There’s nowhere else to go from there.

That’s what this site is about, and if you take ANYTHING away from what I’ve written here, I want it to be an open mind to possibilities of what’s REALLY out there. Keep your sense of wonder. NEVER lose it. It’s the only way any of us are going to learn about anything. And I’m not only referring to the paranormal.