“A few years ago I thought it would be fun to create a Celtic themed “Talking Board” or Ouija™ board. I started experimenting with the idea again in late 2015 and realized I already had a “previously owned” butcher block table in stock that would be the perfect size for the project. It was about 36″ in diameter so it seemed big enough for plenty of extra artwork, but small enough for someone to actually use with a traditional planchette.


I decided to start with my “Lovers’ Pentagram” as a purely decorative design in the center of the board. After looking at historical examples (as well as boards by other craftsmen) it was clear that most talking boards published by various game companies used full and crescent moons in their designs. So I decided to expand the idea to include the entire cycle of full, crescent and new moons in my version. With the lunar cycle reflected, it seemed natural to expand on the calendar concept by adding the cycle of Celtic holidays or “Wheel of the Year” around the outside.


Once I added the letters around the center pentagram I started creating a circular design to fill the empty space and decided rather than a continual wreath of knotwork, I would break up the pattern into four sections with animal symbols standing for the 4 elements: earth/stag, air/raven, water/salmon, fire/dragons.


See the video below to watch a short visual diary of the entire design process.”


Thanks Chas! I’m gonna repeat what I said in the email I sent ya. I truly feel that this is a wonderful example of ingenuity and creativity. I think a lot of people could get some great ideas from what you’ve done here!

Everyone reading this, PLEASE make sure you check out the original page about this board on the MacGregor games site, and while you’re at it, make sure you do some clicking around on the site itself.

Here’s a link to The MacGregor Games website. Make sure you check out what they have to offer. I’ve made it a point to do so, and I’m impressed with the art they’re creating there.


If YOU have a homemade talking Board or planchette that you want us to show here on the site, please click HERE.