“My name is Heather Wolfe. I’m 22 years old from Florida. This was my first attempt at woodburning and at a homemade Ouija in general. My family has been using Ouija boards for 100+ years with many, many very interesting results (mostly very negative). My board is made of basswood (16×12 inches) and stained with Colonial Maple Minwax. The planchette is 1/2″ plywood stained with Golden Pecan Minwax and has black felt attached to the bottom. The entire board and planchette was given 3 coats of a quick-drying, glossy polyurethane. I LOVE cats, so naturally they had to appear on both the board and planchette. I used Wiccan protection symbols on the bottom: pentacle, triple moon and triquetra, (our family has also been involved in witchcraft for hundreds of years) and since I love astrology I added all 12 zodiac signs. My own sign, Sagittarius, is in the center on the top of the board. It was very fun making my own board and I can’t wait to try it out!”

-You can tell that this one was made by a girl ’cause of the kitty cats. Heather, if you’re reading this, I hope to hear from you again about how well this board worked! I think you did a wonderful Job on it.

Thanks Heather!

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