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The Beyond Paranormal Website Awards Program
   There are a lot of bad paranormal based websites out there, and a lot of bad information being spread around. If you've read this website for even a minute, you know I do my share... MORE than my share of complaining about that unfortunate fact.

But... There's a lot of good stuff out there too, and this page is designed to finally recognize it!

   A lot of sites give out awards to other sites. That's actually pretty nice. MOST awards programs give out awards to whomever applies for them. All in all, it's really just a fun way of exchanging links with other paranormal sites, while at the same time saying, "I dig ya, man!".

   We've noticed quite a few "Awards of Paranormal Excellence" given out to a bunch of different sites. EVERYONE is honored with "Paranormal Excellence". What the hell is that? We don't give out awards of Paranormal Excellence. We have no idea what that means. Besides, we gotta be different.

Actually, we're not giving ANY awards out here.

Our awards are earned.

   Do you have a paranormal website either for an investigation team, or a personal paranormal website? If your website is actually a good one, then you NEED to be recognized for it. You should apply for one of our Paranormal Awards. If you DO NOT apply for one of our awards, you should know that I will hunt you down, and kill you.

   Not all websites will get an award. As a matter of fact, we try to be a bit selective of what websites get one, and even which one they get. In case you're wondering, I'm not the one who does the judging. We actually have a panel of judges that tell me what they think. If you're interested in hearing about HOW we go about giving awards, simply CLICK HERE, and keep reading. If not, the awards we have available are right here for you to see!

Apply For One Of Our Awards Here!
   Applying for one of our awards is very simple. All we ask is that you answer these little questions about you, and your website, and click the "Submit Form" button.

   The only terms we have are... Give us a little time to make sure we can have a look at your website thoroughly. Also, by applying for an award, you agree that, should you receive one, you will display the award on your website, and link it back to without altering it. (If you want to change its size, we'd rather ya didnt, but if you MUST... go ahead... But otherwise, don't alter it.)

   Lastly, blogs, Myspace pages, 'Ning' websites, and other social networking sites cannot be considered for awards. Sorry 'bout that.

Good Luck!
Website Name & URL: What is the name & URL of the website? (Without this, you can't win anything.)

Name & Email: What is your name, and your email address? (I need this so I can send you your award if you win one!)

Honor: Do you give your word, that if you earn an award, you will display it on your site and link it back to The Beyond?

Award: What award(s) do you feel your website deserves? Just type "any" if you can't decide.

Lose?: If you don't get an award, do you want us to email you anyway to let you know that you DID NOT win?

The Fearless Spirit: Do you wish to sign up for The Fearless Spirit Award INSTEAD of the other awards? (If you do not understand what this award is DO NOT apply fo it! I cannot stress this enough. Please scroll up, and review the information about The Fearless Spirit Award to MAKE SURE. If you apply without knowing, you are stupid.)


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