~Written By Bill Stone~

Periodically, I may have a message that I would like to send out to all of you subscribers to this RSS feed. This is the first.

If you are a subscriber to this RSS feed, and have it on your paranormal website, PLEASE read this.

If you’re reading this, please look at the menu to the left, and scroll down. Underneath all those menu links and things, you’ll see a few buttons linking to some websites. Ya got my good friends at Ghostamongus.net, Euphoric Arythmia, 4th, and of course my buddy Danielle over at The Spirit Guide. Those are websites that subscribe to this RSS feed. Please enjoy them.

I know to a 1000% certainty that those sites are NOT our ONLY subscribers.

This message is to the OTHER sites that subscribe to our feed here. You know who you are, and by checking site statistics, I KNOW you’re out there.

You guys are linking to me by subscribing to the RSS feed. PLEASE ALLOW ME TO RETURN THE FAVOR. I get a lot of visitors to this page, and I want to help you get visitors to your site as well. Maybe this will help.

All that I’m asking is that if you subscribe to this RSS feed, PLEASE let me know by sending me an Email at BeyonderBill@yahoo.com

I’ll check out your site, and if it is appropriate, I will add you to that list of subscribers to link back to you and hopefully get you some more traffic. You’ve already linked to me. It’s only fair.

Thank you for your time, and you may go back to your regularly scheduled lives, already in progress.